Modern society produces millions of cubic metres of waste each year. This includes household waste, chemical waste, medical waste, construction and demolition waste and radioactive waste. The total volume of waste produced annually in the Netherlands is enough to fill a soccer stadium. However, the total amount of radioactive waste is relatively small: less than a thousand cubic metres.

Radioactive waste

It is a well-known fact that nuclear reactors produce radioactive waste. Less obvious is that radioactive waste is also produced by hospitals, research centres and industry. Radioactive waste must be prevented from contaminating our environment. It is important that the waste is collected, processed and stored. Clearly, this must be done professionally.


The Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste (Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval, or COVRA) is the only company in the Netherlands that is qualified to do this. Any company in the Netherlands licensed to work with radioactive materials under the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act (Kernenergiewet, 1963) is bound by law to tender its waste to COVRA. In order to be able to treat this radioactive waste, COVRA has established a treatment and storage facility in the province of Zeeland, at the docks in Vlissingen-Oost in the municipality of Borsele. The total amount of radioactive waste produced over the next hundred years can easily be stored at the COVRA site, which covers an area of about 20 hectares.


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