COVRA is the only organisation in the Netherlands that is recognised as a radioactive waste retrieval company. COVRA is a joint stock company (JSC). Since 2002 all shares have been held by the Dutch government. COVRA is a not for profit organisation. Its operations must at a minimum cover costs; the Dutch government does not provide structural financial support.


COVRA was founded in 1982 and has grown to become the company which provides the sustainable management of Dutch radioactive waste. During its first ten years the organisation and logistics for the collection of Dutch radioactive waste was established; a location was found for the company activities and all activities at the temporary location in Petten were transferred to the long-term location in Vlissingen-Oost. In the years that followed, the facilities for the processing and storage of all types of radioactive waste were constructed and operationalised, and a stable and professional organisation was formed.


COVRA has at its disposal a small but well-equipped organisation, with personnel and material for the collection, processing and storage of all types of radioactive waste. The size of COVRA is derived from the organisation’s tasks:

  • COVRA accepts ownership and full liability for the radioactive waste transferred.
  • COVRA collects and transports the waste to be treated.
  • COVRA treats low- and medium-level radioactive waste, making it a stable product.
  • COVRA stores low-, medium- and high-level radioactive waste in special buildings.
  • COVRA monitors and controls all stored waste.
  • COVRA accurately registers all waste.
  • OVRA ensures that the radiation emitted during processing and storage is kept within the legal limits.


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