Manual European Waste Directive

Together with mostly other waste management organisations and under chairmanship of COVRA a manual has been drafted by NAPRO for the implementation of EC directive on radioactive waste. NAPRO is part of the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF), a European platform for stakeholders in the nuclear field that advises the European Commission. The manual has been approved by the Working Group Risks on 30 January 2013 and will be presented to the plenary ENEF meeting in Prague, May 2013.

The Directive on radioactive waste that came into force August 2011 has to be transposed in the national legislation of the EU member states in Augustus 2013. The most important requirement of the directive is that all member states have to draft a National Programme that describes concretely how the radioactive waste is managed in a responsible and safe way. There is a need for a practical manual to develop these National Programmes. Such a manual has been drafted by NAPRO.
To discuss the manual with the people involved in the National Programmes, a two-day workshop was organised in Brussels, September 2012. The workshop was attended by 96 participants from 22 member states. Participants of the workshop were mostly government representatives responsible for the National Programme, but also representatives of waste management organisations, the EC, the IAEA and the OECD/NEA. The outcomes of the workshop have been used for the final version of the manual.

More information about NAPRO and ENEF can be found here. More information about EC directive radioactive waste can be found here.


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