Low- and medium-level radioactive waste

The four storage areas of the low- and medium-level radioactive waste storage building (Laag- en middelradioactief afval OpslagGebouw, or LOG) are linked by a central reception bay. In this bay, the truck that carries the conditioned radioactive waste is unloaded. Forklift trucks are used to stack the drums filled with waste. The drums are stored, and aisles are left between the stacks to ease inspection. All drums are numbered so that information about the waste can be looked up in the register whenever necessary. In the future new storage facilities will be built. On site there is room for twelve extra storage buildings. Solid radioactive material produced during the processing of ores is stored in the Container Storage Building. This waste does not need to be embedded in concrete, but can be directly stored in simple standard containers. Near the Container Storage Building is a storage facility for depleted uranium. In that building this material is stored in 3 m3 containers, without further conditioning. The building for the treatment and storage of high-level radioactive waste is situated at the centre of the site. Storing high-level radioactive waste requires special care. Because of the high radiation levels, this waste needs to be handled by means of remote control.

High-level radioactive waste

Radiation is shielded by walls 1.70 metres thick. The building is designed to withstand any extreme external influences, such as:

  • hurricanes,
  • gas explosions,
  • earthquakes,
  • floods and
  • airplane crashes.

In the HABOG the waste is isolated from the environment and is kept under close monitoring and control. In this way safe storage is guaranteed.


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