Low- and medium-level radioactive waste

The building where low- and medium-level radioactive waste is processed (the AfvalverwerkingsGebouw, or AVG) is located behind the office and information centre. Processing remains focused on isolating the radioactive materials and packing them in concrete in order to decrease the amount of radiation emitted. Solid waste is collected in a press where it is moulded into a solid block under extremely high pressure, after which it is encapsulated in concrete. Cadavers from animal experiments and organic hospital waste are destroyed in a special incinerator. Radioactive fluids are disposed of in another type of incinerator. The flue gases emitted by these incinerators are scrubbed twice. They first pass through a wet tunnel wash and then through a dry filter system. Large solid parts are shredded into smaller pieces and then packed in concrete. Watery fluids undergo biological and chemical cleaning treatments. The purified water is then discharged.

High-level radioactive waste

The high-level radioactive waste is delivered in very robust transport containers. It is removed from the containers, controlled, measured and repacked if necessary. The waste is then stored in the vaults of the high-level radioactive treatment and storage building (Hoogradioactief Afval Behandeling- en Opslag Gebouw, or HABOG)


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